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Executive MBA in Digital Transformation

Design thinking.
Strategic foresight.

The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation at the DeGroote School of Business is a unique program. It’s the first EMBA in the world in which students focus on learning how to manage digital systems and how to use those systems to make data-driven decisions, lead complex and diverse teams in digital environments, and recruit exciting new talent. We partner with major companies in Palo Alto and Toronto to provide our students with transformative learning projects and real business insight.

Our students help reduce wait times in children’s hospitals. Our students help political parties connect with and understand a younger demographic. Our students partner with airlines to improve the health and wellness of travelers. We create the leaders who will grow the digital economy.

This innovative program is made up of four residential modules, held in Canada and Silicon Valley, California. Students learn from faculty instructors in the classroom and from industry experts on site. These experts include senior executives from our corporate partners:


As an EMBA in Digital Transformation student, you will:

  • Study core EMBA topics such as finance, marketing, and strategy, while also learning technical content more often associated with master-level courses in data science and business analytics.
  • Learn how to use data to make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, and drive business innovation.
  • Broaden your technical and managerial knowledge while deepening your strategic thinking skills and leadership capabilities.

This unique combination of skills and knowledge will help you advance your career in organizations from various industries that value digitally-driven innovation and “big data” insight.



Why an EMBA in Digital Transformation?


What is Digital Transformation?


Who is the ideal EMBA candidate?


How does the EMBA program work?


Dale Robert Kalina, MD FRCPC, is a student in the EMBA program and a Clinical Scholar in the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine at McMaster University.

Why did you choose the DeGroote EMBA?

I chose the DeGroote EMBA because I felt the EMBA program was best suited to help me develop the tools to succeed in today and tomorrow’s increasingly digital economy. Furthermore, the structure of 4 residencies and online modules has allowed me to continue my regular work without significant impact.

What do you foresee as your career trajectory? Is digital transformation a key component? Is the context different for you as a physician?

As a physician, I do see digital transformation as a key component of my industry. Healthcare will be changing dramatically over the next 10-20 years as it is affected by digital transformation. I plan on playing a role both as a clinician and also in administrative roles to help usher new technology and business models into the healthcare space.

Any general thoughts regarding your experience so far?

Having completed our first residency several weeks ago, I feel as though I’ve jumped in both feet first. It has been an intensive introduction into the fundamentals of business, like finance and accounting, and an introduction to the tech industry through our Strategic Information Systems course, and the first step on our leadership journey. It has been a tough but exciting journey so far.

Posted November 21, 2018

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